EZYDog Life Jacket Yellow - XL


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EZYDog Life Jacket Yellow - XL

XL Fits Girth of 30-48" and length of 20-26"

The Doggy Flotation Device has been designed and extensively tested to give your dog the most ergonomic and comfortable fit possible.

Our unique Ultra-buoyancy Foam is strategically positioned within the vest to keep your dog in a natural swimming position at all times. Unlike other vests, the Doggy Flotation Device does not hinder your dogs' natural movement and can be quickly and easily fastened and removed.

Other great features include our Ergonomic Grab Handle and Super-Strong Nylon D-Buckle allowing you to easily transport and secure your dog when required. Rest assured, your Doggy Flotation Device is made to the same exacting standards of quality that has made EzyDog the leaders in high performance dog accessories!

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